The art of online bluffing


                So have you ever played Poker or Blackjack or anything like that you’ll know that you need to bluff once in while, either for you to win, or just stay in the game. But what about online? How can you tie to someone if you don’t even see them? Well this is how!

How to lie online?

            Lying online isn’t like lying in a casino, it’s much trickier than that, and requires a lot of attention. First of all take a look at the table, and see if the players are weak or aggressive, that way you can have some good lies without being noticed. And remember not to do it so often because you have to know that your opponents will be doing the same. Which means they could catch on. So make notes of previous moves and turn it into your advantage.

How to understand lies?

        Now if you’re new to gaming and gambling online you have to have an understanding on how they bluff. One way is trough chats, as the game is going on opponents have chats going on so they may make it look like they aren’t doing that well, when actually they are winning. If you understand this you call it.

The worst part about bluffing?

            Bluffing can be very helpful, until it goes the wrong way. The worst thing that could happen is you getting caught and loosing all you money. It would be such a shame, but nothing can be done about it now.